When it comes to the question of oral hygiene, bad odour from the mouth is often unpleasant and caused potentially a negative situation. It gives an embarrassment when you are socializing. People often resort to mouth fresheners, mints and other quick fixes. Bad breath is also called halitosis technically, and it denotes the unpleasant odour of the mouth. Halitosis is often identified by others, even before the person finds out that he has halitosis. Basically, foods which have strong pungency will naturally cause odour. Foods like garlic, ginger and lentils have often left a trace of smell in the mouth for a long time. If the bad breath is temporary and gets cured after a short span of time, it is very normal, but if it persists over a period of time, it is very essential to resort to the doctor to avoid further complications. Making small lifestyle changes would cause you more benefits. Let us analyze the ways to avoid the bad breath:

Brush and Floss more often:

The food particles often stick to the teeth and start to emit a foul smell. Sometimes the small food particles will get in between the gaps of the tooth. Regular flossing and brushing often remove the residual particles. Gargling after eating food is a very healthy habit. When all these three things are done regularly, it helps you to maintain an overall dental hygiene.

Rinse your mouth

When gargling your mouth, add a dash of Mouthwash. The fluorides in the mouthwash protect against bad breath and help protect the gums. It also gives a protective layer for the enamel. Often gargling more than two times a day is advisable for a good oral hygiene.

Scrape your tongue

Have you ever noticed a white layer on top of your tongue? It is the breeding ground of all the bacteria. The white layer is often mixed with food residue, saliva and enzymes. While brushing, it is highly recommended to scrape the tongue using the brush.

Avoid pungent foods

Foods like ginger, garlic, and onions are foods with heavy flavors. Even after brushing or gargling, they leave the smell behind. The bad breath travels down the stream and even reaches the lungs, which causes health hazards. It is advisable to eat pungent food in moderation.

Smoking and drinking

They cause a severe health hazard, and nicotine of the tobacco stains the tooth. Usage of tobacco constantly for a period of time causes your tooth to get damages and leaves a very bad breath. Drinking also causes adverse effects. Alcohol’s odour is very pungent and often very strong smell.


Cleaning the braces often leads to a very healthy practice. As the Braces are fixed too closely to the tooth, it often causes the food particles to cling to the surface of both the tooth and the braces. This is highly harmful to the saliva and other particles have direct contact with the internal organs.

Hydrate your mouth

Dry mouth is always the invitation to bad health. It leads to loss of moisture and saliva. This condition is known as xerostomia. Dryness naturally occurs while sleeping. If the condition persists, it is the indication of chronic diseases. Oral health and hygiene are very essential for a healthy life. A bad breath is not only a health hazard but a social stigma, which embarrasses you in the public. It is more important to raise awareness and to immediately consult the doctor for further medical help. Only a trained dentist can help you fight against oral diseases and problems. Original Source: http://www.apollowhitedental.com/blog/